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re-designed z-axis mount

Posted by Rory166 
re-designed z-axis mount
December 21, 2013 09:07PM
Just read the next section and seen the work arounds for play in the x-axis mounting. I am not too happy with the idea of tape to remove play. I would realy like a modified adjustable bearing. It would also be nice to know the exact colour and material of the original RS printed parts in case I can get a part printed somehow.
Re: re-designed z-axis mount
December 21, 2013 10:32PM
Hi Rory,

play in x-axis sounds like a serious problem on precision machine like 3d printer. applying tape on it just a temporary cure, lets see what Ormerod owners or Reprap-Pro can come out with a good solution. Let us know if you successfully modified yours.

Re: re-designed z-axis mount
December 22, 2013 02:19AM

I know see that I was not clear in my original post. Rep Rap pro have produced an adjustable bearing which is shipping with the green printers. What I am saying is that I want one for my RS Red machine. It seems I will have to procure this myself. Hence the question about type and colour of material.


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Re: re-designed z-axis mount
December 22, 2013 06:29AM
The colour is the same as the red filament we sell, of course!

We generally expect people to print updated parts for themselves - the printer will work with the parts supplied (with the odd work around...). We weren't planning on printing red z-runner-mounts - we can send you a green one, if you want.

We are printing some of the updated z-nut-traps in red, for RS customers, mainly because x-rib breakages around the nut trap has caused us to update the design of the laser cut x-rib, x-axis-plate and printed z-nut-trap, and people can't print without these parts. We still have a stock of the original design of x-rib and x-axis plates, which will be shipped as replacements (in-house, we haven't had a problem with them). Once we run out of them, we will ship the new x-rib, x-axis-plate and red z-nut-trap, to RS 'red' machine customers who break the x-rib.

All new green kits come with the new x-rib, x-axis-plate, z-nut-trap and z-runner-mount.

They are here on github:
z-runner-mount: [github.com]
z-nut-trap: [github.com]

RepRapPro tech support
Re: re-designed z-axis mount
December 22, 2013 07:45AM
Out of curiosity, what is the change to the z-nut trap? I'm using the new x-rib and x-plate with the old trap adjusted to fit.
Re: re-designed z-axis mount
December 22, 2013 08:19AM
The z-nut-trap printed part now hold the ... er... z nut trap! It's no longer in the x-rib, just in the printed part.

You can compare the old and new z-nut-traps; github lets you go back into the history:
Old one: [github.com]
New one: [github.com]

The original x-rib had four potential failure points:
1. Mis-alignment of the z-nut-trap breaks off the tips of the nut trap in the x-rib
2. The nut trap part of the x-rib was held quite narrowly onto the main part; easy to break
3. If forced, it could break at the z-runner-mount captive nut (this was fixed early with a bulge, but I think introduced a lug spacing problem)
4. Lug spacing meant that, if forced, the x-rib could break at the nut trap, z-runner-mount captive nut, or the Z idler end.

These issues have all been addressed in the current version, and with work-arounds in the instructions for the older versions; basically notes to say 'don't force acrylic parts, file them for good fit'.

There's actually been 4 versions of the x-rib: the first release, one with an extra bulge around the z-runner-mount captive nut, one with the lugs moved (which is what we're sending out as replacements to 'red' RS customers), and the current one (with lugs moved slightly, and the nut trap removed), but it only pairs with the new printed z-nut-trap and current, updated, x-axis-plate.

I hope that's clear...

RepRapPro tech support
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