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different Filament colors and Materials

Posted by new-3d 
different Filament colors and Materials
December 29, 2013 08:36AM
Does anyone of you know of any database where you can find settings for the different colors and materials? The best would be if its made on the same machine (same mistake of the extruder temp. measurement).

Does anyone know of a recommended object for printing tests (filament temp.)?

Thank you very much,
Re: different Filament colors and Materials
December 29, 2013 11:12AM

There isn't really a database for this, because PLA is a very variable mixture, particularly with different colours, that effects the temperature and consistency. There is a database of suppliers: [reprap.org]
Any reputable supplier should be able to give you some basic settings to get you going (glass transition temperature, melting temperature, extrusion temperature), but in reality, it's still very much a 'feel' thing, which becomes easier as you get to know your printer and the software.

RepRapPro tech support

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