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Software is apalling!

Posted by gregstah 
Software is apalling!
January 01, 2014 06:31AM
Without a doubt the biggest hurdle I'm having is the crappy software.... .

And the wonderful smell of smoke because the software has just frozen YET AGAIN I hope there is no damage!

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Re: Software is apalling!
January 01, 2014 06:34AM
Is this using Pronterface?
Re: Software is apalling!
January 01, 2014 06:46AM
Hi Treth, no I was trying to use the Web interface as suggested...I've had equally unstable results from pronterface.

Using the web interface I have to start a print at least a few times before it "takes" I have noticed that it takes a few minutes after homing so I am taking this into account. This time it totally froze and thank goodness I was in the room because the hotend got so hot it started to burn the mdf....

Time for a break...
Re: Software is apalling!
January 01, 2014 06:59AM
The important bits of the firmware that drive the stepper motors and heaters seem to work OK, but I agree that the rest of it is very buggy. I'd rewrite it myself, but RRP have acknowledged that it is beta firmware (I'd call it alpha myself), so I'm expecting them to improve it quite quickly.

The few minutes wait after kicking off a print are for the bed temperature to reach 65C. You can go to the Control tab and watch the temps. I now heat up the bed to 65C before running setbed.g (where I also do the homing), because Ian said that the bed sometimes shifts slightly when it heats up. If you do this, then when you kick off a print only the extruder has to reach working temperature, and that heats up much faster than the bed does.

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