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Support Material

Posted by hughesie 
Support Material
January 01, 2014 08:12AM
Can someone give me an overview on print support material and how it works in practice.


Re: Support Material
January 02, 2014 06:35AM
Hi Hushesie

In my experience (a single print!) enabling support material is as simple as checking the appropriate box in slic3r (in Print Settings).
This will then generate a zig-zag like column beneath any overhang, Sadly I didn't photograph the print I did with supports.
It was very easy to remove and didn't seem to use an excessive amount of extra filament.


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Re: Support Material
January 02, 2014 06:56AM
There's a good write-up of support material in the Slic3r manual: [manual.slic3r.org]

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