no connection to Ormerod since this year
January 11, 2014 05:41AM
I did a lot of prints last year, up to 8h prints overnight, different PLA colors, different Slic3r settings, used Safari on ipad to move the axis, ...
I used a 16GB SanDisk or 16GB Lexar SD card; Win 7 64bit
The last print was Jan 1st. After that, I shut down the computer. A few days later I wanted to do some more prints, but it was impossible to get connection with arduino serial monitor, pronterface, webinterface (no "Arduino Due COM9" in the device manager).

After changing the date of the computer to Nov 2013 I reinstalled Arduino 1.5.5 beta (and flashed "53.bin", new SD card files). The Arduino driver was found in the device manager. I made a restart of the computer with current date and the Arduino driver shows up again in the devide manager (sometimes I have to press reset button on the duet board several times).

BUT its still not possible to connect to the ormerod (tested several times, with/without ATCX power supply (JP9 enabled/disabled):
ardunio serial monitor: blank (I stopped it after 3 minutes)
pronterface std / adv.: "Connecting ... T:188.0 B:93.4" OR: it doens't react anymore OR: "could not open port COM9: [Error 2]"
webinterface: no connection

-> this was never an issue (last year).

I'm stuck (maybe I'm only confused because of this countless installing, reinstalling, testing ....)


I tested dc42 firmware: [] (54.bin with SD card files), it's the same behavior like original firmware

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Re: no connection to Ormerod since this year
January 11, 2014 06:09AM
Hi 442 (football fan?!)

I think this will be a loose/unsoldered USB housing on the motherboard, that has broken away. Sorry for the inconvenience and frustration. Please email me on support at reprappro dot com, and we'll arrange a warranty exchange.

RepRapPro tech support
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