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Fitting an external Reset switch to duet box

Posted by davetech 
Fitting an external Reset switch to duet box
February 09, 2014 01:56PM
Hi All,

I seem to have to press the reset button quite often. This switch is very small and not very accessible and you really have to take the cover off. This disturbs the print reel and is a real problem. I notice on the circuit diagram of the duet that the reset line comes out on the top line of the expansion plug, pin 4 for the reset and pin2 for ground/0 volts.Is it ok to wire a normally open switch to these pins via a 2pin socket and does it need a series resistor?



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Re: Fitting an external Reset switch to duet box
February 09, 2014 02:16PM
You will get away with connecting a normally-open switch between those pins with no series resistor. However, I recommend a 100 ohm series resistor. The designers of the Duet have been a bit naughty, they have connected a capacitor between reset and +3.3V, but not connected a resistor in series with the on-board reset switch. So there will be a current spike in the switch and a negative transient on the 3.3V rail when the reset button is pressed.

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