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Thoughts on hotend temp

Posted by dmould 
Thoughts on hotend temp
February 10, 2014 08:44AM
I've noticed that prints appear a bit "sharper" and "cleaner" at a lower hotend temperature, so it is tempting to use, but IME they are also weaker, and can delaminate because the layers are not fused as well as with a hotter temperature - so I've decided to use the highest temperature that does not show significant deformation. The other thing I have seen is that if part of a print contains a single small block or column, the plastic does not get enough time to cool between layers and is kept molten by its continuous close proximity to the hotend, and so you get a mis-shapen blob instead of a nice rectangular or circular block/column. What I do to solve that issue is to add a second narrow column outside the part so the head is forced to move between the columns for each layer, giving each layer time to set. Is there a better solution?

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