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Mechanical leveling (another route)

Posted by KimBrown 
Mechanical leveling (another route)
February 20, 2014 05:51PM
I don't use any compensation here... I print directly on glass with Z axis set by the IR probe on Red Glass.....
Please see pics on my approach to bed leveling.... All my bed is within 0.1mm now.
If you use this method, don't try to left one corner of the bed on one screw... Spread the load over the
two adjacent bolts/jacks. Each side has a center bolt/jack to add support (bolt is only at the front of the table. There are 3 Jacks).

The center jack nearest the Z motor is special, in that it's a loose bolt with a nyloc nut on that is reversed.

Here's an end view...

For best results, work from the highest point. Adjust lowest point by one flat of the nut at a time. Follow up with adjacent jacks so
they are just touching the board. Slacken all holding down nuts to allow board to creep, then re-tighten. Repeat until your happy with
the level. I found the rear upside down jack had a dramatic affect when leveling this way.

Please send me a PM if you have suggestions, or problems with Big Blue 360.
I won't see comments in threads, as I move around to much.
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