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Posted by Davek0974 
March 02, 2014 08:56AM
I have so far printed two snowmen and am running the ormaxis.g file at the moment.

In pronterface I see it sets bed temp as 45deg but as soon as the sample codes are run it ups it to 65deg.

I seem to be getting a fair amount of spread around the bottom layers, is that an indicator of bed too hot?
Re: Temperatures?
March 02, 2014 09:04AM
The omaxis.g file sets its own temperatures: 205 for the extruder and 65 for the bed, so that is independent of the values you set in Pronterface. Those values are actually slightly high for PLA, but not too high I would say. And to judge wether a "fair amount of spread" is normal or not, it would be good if you could post a picture.

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Re: Temperatures?
March 02, 2014 09:17AM
Of course, I'll pop a picture or two up as soon as the ormaxis file has finished.
Re: Temperatures?
March 02, 2014 09:48AM
I use 190' for the HotEnd and 65' for the Bed on to freshly WASHED glass, and give the glass a final clean with vinagar after mounting.
I've also blanked off the vents near the HotEnd and drilled two 8mm holes in the top of the ducting
to let the air out, and fitted a back wash guard. Doing this has stopped my prints from warping
and breaking free from the glass. The glass gives that face of the print I cracking finish....(excuse the pun)...

On taller prints (more than an inch) I now add a 4mm brim, which does two things.
1) It gives the print a larger surface area to cling to the glass, which is it's main roll.
2) The brim also acts like a blanket and keeps the heat in the bottom of the print, which helps reduce warping.

To release the print I put the glass under the cold tap, and the print normaly falls off. The brim I cut off with scissors.

Over the next couple of days if I have time I'll be designing a replacement fan ducting.

Please send me a PM if you have suggestions, or problems with Big Blue 360.
I won't see comments in threads, as I move around to much.
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Re: Temperatures?
March 02, 2014 12:31PM
... freshly WASHED glass, and give the glass a final clean with vinagar...

sound like a safer plan than sniffing acetone - do you rinse with water _after_ the vinagar?

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