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PLA suppliers in UK

Posted by 88Zombies 
Re: PLA suppliers in UK
April 20, 2014 06:32AM
I am not affiliated with 3dfilaprint but they have some offers on at the moment including buy 5 get 1 free. I have almost used my first 1kg spool of silver and I have been really happy with the quality.


Re: PLA suppliers in UK
September 29, 2014 01:27PM
PolyPlus PLA from Filaprint, has anyone tried this product?, if so, the "absolutely no warping", true or snake oil?

PolyPlus PLA, a filament that just works, even on the MakerBot Replicator 2X, straight of the spool. Superb quality finish, excellent layer adhesion, with absolutely no warping! A filament you will just want to print, print and print again.


Re: PLA suppliers in UK
September 30, 2014 05:00AM
Not affiliated with but have bought from them twice now: I'm liking [www.3dprima.com] so far. €25 for a 1kg spool vacuum sealed with desiccant. PLA prints good for me so far, consistent 1.74 - 1.75 size. Free shipping for €100 plus order sizes.

Socrates ~ The Amsterdamman
Re: PLA suppliers in UK
September 30, 2014 05:29AM
I'm glad to see that Galactic Warehouse [www.ebay.co.uk] is up and running again. It was out of action for a while because the owner had an accident. I've had problems with PLA filament from the other two suppliers I tried, but not from this one.

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Re: PLA suppliers in UK
September 30, 2014 06:30AM
I've bought 7 rolls from Galactic Warehouse [www.ebay.co.uk] and have had no problems to date.

Re: PLA suppliers in UK
September 30, 2014 06:40AM
Had my first problem with filaprint the other day, varying thickness jam the machine (even with the spring loaded extruder)

It was the florescent blue 1.75mm reel. has jammed the machine about 5 separate times now.
Each time about 3-6hours into a 9hour print. very annoying.

I bought it off their amazon seller account rather than their actual webpage, don't think that should make a difference though..
Re: PLA suppliers in UK
September 30, 2014 06:52AM
Seems the same price as [www.3dprima.com] and I hear lots of Ebay buyer worry. That is why I went with a Swedish company... Small list with Sweden leading a crime or fraud statistic. Again, no affiliation just using the Black, Transparent Yellow and Grey so far. Using their 200mm Kapton tape as well and I used the entire Grey spool already and am printing the new Ormerod2 kit from their Black now. (Thanks for all the help Ian!!)

Socrates ~ The Amsterdamman
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