Automated HotEnd Cleaner smoking smiley
April 16, 2014 07:43AM
Since owning the Ormerod I've tried a few different ways of cleaning the Goo off the bottom of the HotEnd...
The first time I'll never forget, as I used Kitchen Roll....OOps!.... That took me half an hour to get the bits of paper off.... Won't do that again...
A few burnt fingers later I came up with an ideal solution (well for me anyway) of using a Garden glose with the rough soft leather bringing the nozzle up as new.... Perfect.... For ages I was trying to think of away to automate it.... Well here it is... On ThingiVerse to share with you guys..... It takes 10 minutes to print and is held by the bolts to the front of the table.

All it is is a printed slope (a backwards ski jump if you like) with rough,soft, leather from a new glove Super Glued to the slope...., and I drag the HotEnd UP it.... At the top it stops and the Goo is left behind on the leather, or you can do as I do, and move the HotEnd off to the left of the middle of the table ready to print.

Tis Simple!


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