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Question:error about the Webclient interface

Posted by sevenljy 
Question:error about the Webclient interface
May 10, 2014 04:15AM
I have question now.

When I connect with my ormerod. I found that the temperature display is error. And the X-axis and Y-axis display error.As shown in the figure. .

The temperature display location and the X-axis and Y-axis display location exchanged. How can I solve the problem?
Re: Question:error about the Webclient interface
May 10, 2014 04:16AM

Re: Question:error about the Webclient interface
May 10, 2014 05:29AM
My guess is that you are using incompatible versions of the web interface and the firmware.

The original protocol that RRP used to send the temperatures and positions contained a design flaw in that it assumed a fixed number of heaters and extruders. So it wouldn't play nicely with multiple extruders. I fixed this in my firmware variant by defining a new status poll request that returns the extruder positions, axis positions and temperatures in different variables, which is how it should have been done in the first place. I retained the old status poll code as well for now so that it would still work with older versions of the web interface.

However, RRP's response to the same design flaw still lumps all the temps, extruder positions and axis positions in the same variable, all they have done is change the order. This is crazy IMO. It breaks compatibility and doesn't fully solve the problem. But it does explain the symptoms you are getting.

So, if you are using my 059-dc42 firmware then you need to use a version of the web interface that uses the new status poll response, or one that assumes the original order of variables in the old status poll response. The version I recommend is 0.74 available here [github.com]. This one provides estimates of print completion time, and includes the "Upload & print" button.

If however you are using RRP's 0.65 firmware then you will need to find out what version of the web server they recommend, and how it needs to be installed.

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