Homex and y
May 20, 2014 05:29PM
I am using 0.59a-dc42 and reprap.htm/js 0.74.

I seem to be having issues with my files for homing both x and y. Both axis now have a trip switch. and the problem repeats both using Pronterface and the Web interface.
I know its my coding but I cant see it for looking.

I turn the printer on, then connect it (via either pronterface or the web interface)
Then run homeX and then homeY
Both files work perfectly doing what I want them to do
I then run my Setbed, again that does what I want it to do.
If I then try and run my two homing files again (dont ask why but I thought I would try it!!) they ignore the G1 X-240 (or Y240) and assume the switch has been tripped and do the last two lines of the code.

If I go thru the same routine of turning the printer on, connecting it and run homex and home y WITHOUT running setbed.g I can run both the homing files time and time again with perfect results, doing what they should do. Until I run Setbed.g


G91; Relative positioning
G1 Z5 F200
G90; Absolute positioning
G1 X-240 F2000 S1
G92 X-13
G1 X10 F2000

G91; Relative positioning
G1 Z5 F200
G90; Absolute positioning
G1 Y240 F2000 S1
G92 Y210
G1 Y24 F2000

M561; Resets Bed plane
G30 P0 X10 Y24 Z0.0; Bed Compensation 1st point
G30 P1 X26 Y188 Z-0.3
G30 P2 X194 Y188 Z1.7
G30 P3 X194 Y28 Z1.8 S
G1 Z20 F200
G1 X100 Y105 F2000

I also thought I would try M119; which
"...Returns the current state of the configured X, Y, Z endstops..."
That didnt seem to work for me.


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Re: Homex and y
May 20, 2014 05:45PM
Hi Fiddler,

Can you try to pin down what it is in setbed.g that causes the problem? For example, if you remove the S parameter from the 5th line (so that bed compensation is not applied), does the problem still occur?

The only unusual thing I can see in your files is that the 4 bed compensation points in setbed.g do not form a square.

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