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X and Y calibration issue

Posted by Squags 
X and Y calibration issue
June 05, 2014 07:56AM
Hi all,
I've just put together my 2nd Ormerod, which seems to have come with its own problem:
The X and Y calibrations aren't right, meaning circles don't come out right - see picture...
Any ideas what I can adjust to try and sort this problem?
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Re: X and Y calibration issue
June 05, 2014 01:21PM
One hole looks round, could it be a belt slipping or motor losing steps???

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Re: X and Y calibration issue
June 05, 2014 01:50PM
The only things I can think of that would cause the X and Y axes to move by different amounts are:

1. X or Y belt too loose, or Y belt slipping.

2. Stepper motor missing steps, due to the belt or other part of the assembly being too tight, or insufficient stepper motor current.

3. Firmware bug (but I presume you are using the same firmware as many other users).

4. M92 command in config.g (or gcode file) that sets different numbers of steps/mm for the X and Y axes.

5. Different numbers of teeth on the X and Y stepper pulleys.

6. Different model X and Y stepper motors, with different numbers of degrees rotation per step.

Like Davek, I suspect (1).

EDIT: I just thought of:

7. Print shrinking by different amounts along X and Y axes when it cools. But I can't think what would cause that.

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