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Heater Element of the Ormerod

Posted by x4FF3 
Heater Element of the Ormerod
June 28, 2014 12:06PM

a cable of the heater element, just came off midprint sad smiley directly at the element. Which one does the ormerod use?

kind regards
Re: Heater Element of the Ormerod
June 28, 2014 07:08PM
Hi David

Sorry your heater cartridge has failed. It's important to minimise bending of the wires at any one point - it will lead to fatigue and eventually failure.

If the heater cartridge needs to be replaced, you will need to get it from us: [reprappro.com] . The heater cartridge we use is specially made for us, and is 5mm diameter and 12mm long. Other reprap companies sell a more ubiquitous version, but it is generally 6mm in diameter and 20mm long, and will not fit our hot end heater block. There is, unfortunately, no real standard heater cartridge. We are able to order in bulk and get a cartridge that is a suitable size; individuals have to accept what is available, even though it is not entirely suited to the application. If you feel this is a warranty issue, email me on support at reprappro dot com, and we'll sort it out.

RepRapPro tech support
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