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printing stops in the midlle

Posted by konilai 
printing stops in the midlle
August 09, 2014 08:20AM
Hi everyone
my prints stop in the middle of the process. I was able to print the first test print and that's it. Small objects it prints til the end but somewhere at he 20 or 30 layer it stops. sometimes it continues, sometimes doesn't. Filament is good, extrudes works ok. I tried all kind of files. Ones very simple, that I made, the ones that come with firmware and the ormerod parts. NADA.
What can I do?
Re: printing stops in the midlle
August 09, 2014 08:55AM
Here are some possible causes:

1. Buggy firmware. Make sure you are using 0.78 series firmware. If it stops at exactly the same place each time you do the same print, then this or #3 is probably the cause.

2. The USB cable is connected and the PC has gone to sleep. Fixed in my firmware fork.

3. You sliced a file with slic3r and then uploaded it to the SD card before slicing was complete. You can use a text editor to check that the file is complete, including the comments that slic3r puts at the end.

4. Mains ground transients. Plug the PC and the Ormerod PSU into the same mains distribution block. Putting a ferrite bead on the USB cable also helps. Or use the web interface to print and leave the USB disconnected.

5. Dropouts in the mains supply.

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