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Z Axis Calibration & First layer troubleshooting

Posted by Sni9er 
Z Axis Calibration & First layer troubleshooting
September 07, 2014 04:32PM
Hey guys

Been playing with the Ormerod (seriously who named this thing .. I have to google the name every time haha)

I've got a few issues id love your help on

(Damn I wrote a huge post hit submit and its now all gone .. Bah)

Anyway ill be shorter haha

Using v1 red RS ormerod ethernet doesn't work need to replace

First layer is way higher than 0.36mm that slic3r quotes

The Prointerface/standard ormerod prints just don't work

The cubes ive printed from the 0.5 ormerod profile work fine in all but the first layer just seems to high from.the print bed and they just sit on the surface rather than print .. The subsequent layers are fine

I cal from 0.1 on all 4 corners with a slip gauge

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Re: Z Axis Calibration & First layer troubleshooting
September 09, 2014 09:54AM
It appears that your Z zero height is incorrect. This must be set up before every print. The Z sensor is supposed to home Z automatically, but the originally supplied sensor does not give consistent results and so you are far better off setting the Z height manually.

Do the following (from power up):

1) Home X and Y but not Z. Do not include bed compensation in your configuration file.
2) Set the bed temperature and wait for it to get to that temperature
3) Put the nozzle in the centre of the bed by sending "G1 X100 Y100"
4) Put a piece of ordinary copier paper on the bed under the nozzle and move the paper back and forth while lowering the nozzle 0.1mm at a time until you can definitely feel it gripping the paper - but can still move the paper around without too much difficulty.
5) Set that as the Z zero height by sending "G92 Z0"
6) If you have made a bed compensation file, send that now, otherwise carry out bed compensation as detailed in the instructions. Or set the bed to be mechanically level so you don't need compensation (best solution).

Your prints should now start off OK. Step (4) is a bit critical, and you may have to fine-tune to get to know what the correct grip feels like. If the bottom layer is blobby of "squished" you have set it too low, if the filament does not stich well it is too high.

Re: Z Axis Calibration & First layer troubleshooting
September 15, 2014 07:12PM
I like my Z axis micro switch that uses the nozzle as the probe.
The only time I have to adjust the initial height setting is after removing and replacing the the Fan Ducting to use a DTI to level the bed.
I then have to edit the homez file to suit the new micro switch setting, but after that there's no more tweeking to do..
As it uses the Extruder as the Prode I can use what ever thickness of glass I want, and it will always set Z zero correctly. It's not affected by light either.
So it suits my ever chaniging printer location. The only thing you need to remember is heat the extruder before homing Z because of the nozzle dribble.


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