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New firmware 0.89m and web interface 1.04

Posted by chrishamm 
New firmware 0.89m and web interface 1.04
October 06, 2014 03:38PM
I've just released version 0.89m of my firmware fork at GitHub. I didn't have time to look at the firmware earlier, because I've just moved to Berlin, but now I'm back to printing again smiling smiley Well, this release is just a minor update, but here is the changelog:


- Merged in dc42's latest changes from his 0.78t release, especially his bug fix for homing moves with axis compensation parameters set (thanks dc42!)

- Fixed cold extrusion/retraction for first few extruding moves (relates to my fork only as it was a side-effect of my code queuing mechanism)

Apart from that, I've updated my web interface fork from 1.03 to 1.04 (see GitHub). You can use that one with either dc42's or my latest firmware fork, however I suggest you use mine if you actually intend to use my firmware. The reason for that is because M0 does no longer disable any steppers, so prints can be restarted without the need of homing all axes again. dc42's web interface fork sends M1 whenever a paused print is cancelled, which still disables all the steppers. The changes for this new web interface version include:


- Merged in typo correction from DasBasti's pull request (thanks DasBasti)

- Gcode file list is now properly aligned with all other tabs

If you want to know about all the differences between my fork and RRP's and/or dc42's fork, see here. Also, for those who don't know yet: You can use FTP to upload large G-Code files and to remotely manage the SD card contents. To use this feature, you can specify any user name you like, but make sure the password matches the one in your config file (usually "reprap" without quotes). You should set the number of concurrent connections to 1, too, otherwise you'll experience problems uploading multiple files at once.

If you're having problems loading the web interface, just wait 5 seconds after you turn on your printer and then connect to the web interface. If you don't do this, you'll probably lose a few networking packets, which results in a long load time.

Feedback is appreciated as always and if you encounter any problems, please report them here.
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