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Pronterface broken?

Posted by Amsterdamman 
Pronterface broken?
October 08, 2014 07:45AM
Hi Again Guys! Finally got printing again once the extruder was resolved and one print later my Z threaded rod showed how badly it was worn and now that too is replaced. Went to print and Pronterface wont let me use my custom buttons! It now thinks I am right clicking when I left or right click. So it just gives me the options to edit, move or delete the button. It wont actually push the buttons now. The mouse seems to be fine on all other programs and applications. It has worked every day until today, don't think I changed anything last night... Reminding me of EverQuest, except this is EverFix.

If I click here and there randomly on buttons and functions on the interface it tends to crash and close now as well...

RESOLVED: simple system reboot got it, strange as it was just booted earlier...

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