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Easy Fit Extended Nozzle Mount

Posted by KimBrown 
Easy Fit Extended Nozzle Mount
October 28, 2014 01:10PM
No great shakes here... Just released a replacement Extended Nozzle Mount for the Ormerod.
(I did do one of these ages ago, but lost the design).
I call it an Easy Fit Extended Nozzle Mount, as it's just print, and fit.... There shouldn't be any cleaning up to do.
Also I've added ample clearance for the screws and Bowden tube.

I will be releasing another later today to allow fitting M5 4mm Push Fit Bowden connectors, as I'm going to be swapping over the
tube fittings later today. As the Hex for the fittings is 12mm across the corners, this will require new M3 holes to be drilled in the Nozzle
Mounting / Heatsink Plate...

The Regular Easy Fit Nozzle Mount can be found HERE

Please send me a PM if you have suggestions, or problems with Big Blue 360.
I won't see comments in threads, as I move around to much.
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