IR Sensor issues
November 05, 2014 01:00AM
My apologies if this has been discussed elsewhere.

My issues with the IR sensor continue. After the printer not having been touched for more than a week, the first X and Z homing both fail - again the Ir sensor is not returning proper values, and again its a case of the wiring at the sensor itself not making contact for some reason. I am probably going to remove the crimps from the supplied connector and recrimp if necessary,or even bend the connectors on the sensor board 90 degrees, but the design here leaves much to be desired. So far I consider this the only significant weak point in the Ormerod 2, and really the only thing that has given me trouble (all other issues were caused by me!)

One thing I did notice last night when I moved the x-axis back toward home position is that the x-axis rib curves outward to the left (when looking from the front) towards the hot end, opposite the z runner mount assembly. This protuberance catches the IR sensor wire and displaces it and the connector to the left as the hot-end passes this point. I was wondering if this is not the root cause of so many issues here? The build instructions say to push the sensor wiring under the rib, but that firstly puts strain on the connector, and the wiring is then dragging continuously along the underside of the rib, which is probably just as bad.

Any ideas for improving this?

Attached is a picture taken from the build instructions showing the protuberance I am talking about.



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