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Ormerod 2 RS price

Posted by stinde 
Ormerod 2 RS price
November 05, 2014 09:15AM

I'm just wondering what is the logic in RS' pricing in different European countries?
Ormerod 2 some example prices:
RS UK. 450£ ~574€
RS Finland 680€
RS Germany 550€
RS Estonia 635€
RS Sweden 4932 SEK ~535€

RS "free" shipping doesn't explain whole the difference.

Re: Ormerod 2 RS price
November 05, 2014 09:37AM
Are those all VAT-exclusive prices?

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Re: Ormerod 2 RS price
November 05, 2014 10:54AM
Yes, they are VAT 0%

Re: Ormerod 2 RS price
November 05, 2014 02:32PM
There are many reasons, the most common unfortunately being that the retailer is charging as much as the country's market will bear. When setting a price, there is a "sweet spot." Charging more will result in a lower sales volume decreasing total profit even though per-item profit is higher, and lowering the price will result in the decreased per-item profit decreasing the total profit even though more items are sold. That "sweet spot" differs markedly from place to place (and also from month to month), and depends on a huge number of factors, some being cultural. I have just been reading that certain computer laptops are so much cheaper in the US than the UK that you will save money by travelling to the US and bringing one back than buying the same model in the UK.

Another common reason is a difference in store overheads which make it necessary for some stores to charge considerably more than others to make the same profit on the sale. The cost of building rates (tax), insurances, utilities and salaries differ widely from place to place (even within the same country), and per-item profit is dependent on total volume of sales, with stores that have a low sales volume generally having less per-item profit than stores with a high volume of sales.

You'll find even bigger differences in price between the same or similar items in Walmart in the US and Asda in the UK (same company).

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