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New firmware 1.09b-zpl

Posted by chrishamm 
New firmware 1.09b-zpl
July 04, 2015 07:26AM
I've released version 1.09b of my firmware for on GitHub. The changes in this release were quite vast, but I think they were worth the work. I hope these changes will allow me to focus more on dc42's new move code without having to worry about free RAM.

Here the complete changelog of this version:


Improved internal memory management and freed up another 4KB of RAM
Removed entire Line class from Platform files and improved Message calls
Expanded use of C++11 features and introduced more type safety for const values
Implemented G-Code interleaving and hopefully full support for dc42's PanelDue
Improved robustness of the HTTP webserver
Marlin is now emulated for both Serial (UScool smiley and Telnet clients
Moved some fields from the RepRap class to other modules (cold extrusion, sequence numbers)
Z-Probe X+Y offsets and dive heights are now configurable (thanks dc42)
Introduced new M577 code to wait until an endstop is triggered
Bug fix: M301/M304 didn't report correct I/D terms (thanks Adrian)
Bug fix: Some nested macros were not working properly
Bug fix: Stack was not properly restored after paused prints were stopped
Bug fix: Config file on the web interface may get truncated due to JSON response buffer limit
Bug fix: Fixed bad strncpy call in EMAC driver library

You can get a precompiled firmware binary here. The compatible web interface (still v1.06) can be downloaded from my GitHub repository (click on "Download ZIP" on the right side).

Feedback is appreciated as usual! If you find any bugs or if you have any questions, please post them here.
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