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termperature message

Posted by cua193 
termperature message
August 20, 2015 11:38AM
I'm still battling my printer; after my last post I've received a new duet card since when everything's gone swimmingly, if slowly, until I hit the problem of the hot end heater shutting off.

I found Gregl's thread & sent the M301 H1 P20 I0.5 D100 command as Ian suggested.

This worked & both bed and hot end now hold temperature, so far 200 & 60 as suggested in the commisioning file.

However when trying to extrude I'm getting a message - "Warning: Tools can only be driven if their heaters temperatures are high!"

I can find nothing in the forum - it's obviously another parameter I can't find. The extruder works fine cold with M302 P1 command.

Advice would be welcome

Re: termperature message
August 20, 2015 12:04PM
Did you wait until the indicated temperature was 160C or greater before you tried to extrude?

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Re: termperature message
August 20, 2015 02:47PM

Yes, it was steady at 200c.

I can't find any reference for this message.

Forgot to say I have 1.09 loaded.

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