0.3 nozzle extrusion problems.
October 18, 2015 04:13PM

i get some problems with my two 0.3 nozzle (one is an original ormerod2 spare part 0.3 nozzle and another is an e3dv6 cheap clone).

Extrusion get stuck when i print .. the filament slip on the hobbed insert , too many pressure i presume

I use an homemade Styron abs 1.75 filament but i've tryed with a know to work commercial filament, same problem.
I've swapped the original pla extruder part with an abs part and even a spring loaded abs part but nothing changes.

I've already disassembled the extruder, cleaned the hobbed insert, disassembled the nozzles, cleaned them with high temperature and a guitar string ... i'm a bit lost ...

I've noticed that if i extract abs at 240C with the web interface (10mm at 5mm/sec), filament start to slip in the extruder, is this normal ? with 0.5 extrusion was ok but sadly i cannot test with 0.5 as i've destroyed the nozzle :x, can someone please confirm me that with ABS and a 0.3 nozzle the command "extract 10MM at 5mm/sec speed" work without problem ?

Edit : does the hobbed insert can wear out ?


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Re: 0.3 nozzle extrusion problems.
October 20, 2015 04:22PM

I had a similar issue recently.
The only solution I found was to replace the nozzle with a new one from reprap.
As my ormerod is an old mk 1 I had to upgrade the hot end to take the newer nozzle.
I'm not sure what caused the problem. My best guess is that the nozzle got contaminated by some ABS filament from ebay,


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