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Yet another hotend error...

Posted by 0x0000 
Yet another hotend error...
April 12, 2016 05:19AM
Another day, another problem...

Temperature just shows as "error". I haven't used the printer in a couple of days, and it was heating up just fine before I last shut it down. All I did was tighten up the nozzle! What could cause this?
Re: Yet another hotend error...
April 12, 2016 05:50AM
I found the problem - the opposite of a short: a break in the thermistor wire! I plugged in the thermistor leads from my spare hotend and the temps are normal now.

Talk about bad luck, that's the second thermistor that's failed on me in just as many weeks! Can't wait for those spares to turn up from AliExpress smiling smiley

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