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Setting the hotend PID - DC42 firmware

Posted by Sardi 
Setting the hotend PID - DC42 firmware
February 11, 2017 01:44PM
So I changed the fan on my hotend.

Original vs New
Size: 40x40x20 vs 40x40x10
RPM: 7500 vs 4500
Airflow: 8.6 vs 6.9

I was testing the temperature over/under shoots, and when It goes over it does it by 2-3C but keeps the temp once it gets to it. When I need to lower the temperature it undershoots the same 2-3C and it does take a minute or so till it gets back up to the wanted temp.

Now I know that the fan has little to none effect on the over/under shoot, but I was wondering are these 2-3C+/- something that should be corrected or are this ok values?

Currently I run DCs 1.09r firmware, and when I send M301 I get
Heater 1 P:10.00 I:0.100 D:200.00 T:0.40 S:200.00 W:180.0 B:30.0

I also read this topic dc42 firmware -nozzle PID and noticed that nobody has the same values for M301 as I do, so thats another reason why I started this topic.


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Re: Setting the hotend PID - DC42 firmware
February 11, 2017 03:30PM
I suggest you upgrade to more recent firmware and use the auto tuning facility.

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