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Outer Perimeter issues

Posted by veryevil 
Outer Perimeter issues
August 27, 2017 01:58PM
Hi, has anyone got any recommendations to solve the below. My outer perimeters aren't sticking. Infill and inners are fine so overall strength is good but outer looks bad
open | download - IMG_20170827_183749-2183x1514.jpg (363.3 KB)
Re: Outer Perimeter issues
August 28, 2017 10:43AM
Yes that looks kind of weird, have you had this problem before?, used this kind of filament before (at same temperature setting, it looks kind of hot)?, made any change you slicing setting recently?

Looks a bit like extreme nozzle height or too low extrusion width vs nozzle diameter

If sliced with Sli3r, what are your settings at "printer settings\advanced"?

Re: Outer Perimeter issues
September 02, 2017 11:36AM
Maybe shell thickness setting to big?
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