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Ormerod FreeCAD Rework & My Ormerod Itteration

Posted by WesBrooks 
Ormerod FreeCAD Rework & My Ormerod Itteration
November 21, 2018 05:07AM
Morning all,

Updates on my project are scattered over a few threads so I thought I'd condense and summerise here.

I kicked off this goal mainly as an exercise in FreeCAD and in order to adapt a few of the parts in order to reduce the failure rate of the PLA components. I appreciate some people have already done many of these mods and I am re-inventing the wheel in many places but what the heck!

  • CAD reverse engineered from STL into FreeCAD with many parts built and tested (minus extruder ands electronics enclosure parts)
  • Modifications made to site a TR8 lead screw on the electronics side (ormerod2) of the z-axois extrusion using a modified bearing clamp to hold the anti-backlash nut.
  • Many parts adjusted to avoid size-for-size interference fits which exacerbated PLA part failures.
  • x-axis idler modified to include a guard to prevent my sons curious fingers from getting too close!
  • y-axis idler tweaked from thingverse (will credit original design soon!) with an adjusting nut and pulley finger guard / cover.
  • y-axis motor mount modified to remove rear bolt, add thirds bolt to front, and diagonal bracing above and below the motor back to the extrusion end plate surface.
  • Above necessitated the dropping of the y-axis belt by ~5mm which meant modifications to z-lower, y-axis-end-plates, y-idler, y-motor-mount, and y-axis bearing clamps.
  • E3D V6 (/lite) mount onto standard x-carriage.

Currently Outstanding:
  • Redesigning the z-lower mount to remove the need for the corner bracket and to only locate on one side of the z-axis extrusion.
  • Update FreeCAD assembly file.
  • Sort out GitHub repository to make a bit more sense. This will be sorted into copies of RepRapPro parts, my version of the Ormerod, and extra parts which are relevant to other machines such as my PanelDue support.
  • Create a RepRapPro style build manual.
  • Remove remaining countersunk bolts.
  • Move the bolts that secure ont o the face of teh y-axis extrusion to bolt on to the base of the extrusion on the y-dler and motor mount parts. For ease of assembly and repair.
  • Part cooling fan mount & duct design.

  • Reduce fastener bill of materials?
  • V-slot version? - Not much work.
  • V-slot x-arm? - Pretty much complete rework of z, and x-axis.
  • Change bed support to use more off-the-shelf parts rather than the three cut profiles.

Here's a teaser from the most recent mock up before it was stripped to replace bits that interfered with the build support and use bits to get my work horse Ormerod back running again after more bits broke! The last one may be Ormegog. Running with a Ramps board that I've recently acquired with an Ebay salvage lot! Not that I expect to get the RAMPs to out perform the Duet 0.6, but I would like to be able to see the difference between the two in the flesh.

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Re: Ormerod FreeCAD Rework & My Ormerod Itteration
November 21, 2018 05:15AM
I've currently only got PLA running on my printers but plan to enclose them and move onto PETG soon. Once that is done I may consider creating an update bundle to include the parts needed to convert an existing Ormerod into one of the tweaked versions. To be honest though I doubt there'd be enough interest in it.

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Re: Ormerod FreeCAD Rework & My Ormerod Itteration
November 21, 2018 08:52AM

I'm interested! smiling smiley Great work.
I love the idea of a V-slot version, especially the V-slot X-arm.

The X-arm and the design of the bed is a limiting factor of the X-axis, I wonder how reasonable the idea would be to make a 200x300x300 version of the Ormerod 2 though?

If you're going E3D V6, have a think about the possibility of dual (or tri) extrusion (probably not possible due to the amount of space being removed from the X-axis)

Regardless, I have the parts for a second Ormerod 2, so if you publish this work (and I hope you do, even if it's an "unorganised dump") I may be tempted to follow in your footsteps.

Enclose and PETG, definitely worth it!

Re: Ormerod FreeCAD Rework & My Ormerod Itteration
November 21, 2018 10:53AM
Wow. Exiting!

I am looking forward to seeing what ideas you have to upgrade and improve the Ormerod.
I have grown quite fond of the printer and think there is still much the design has to offer.
One thing that plays against the cantilever arm is 'ghosting' in prints but with the Ender 2 an the Cetus both being cantilever style printers they still proved to be very successfull.
The use of linear rails would be a game changer but sadly they are quite expensive still and would mean a massive redesign in order to implement it.

I still need to convert a few of the Alumerod's parts to Aluminium. Especially the Z motor bracket and the Z-Axis Clamp. I also want to change the X-motor spacer to Aluminium.
With the addition of a lathe with milling achine attachment this will make it a bit easier for me to achieve.

Thanks for your great effort in livening up the Ormerod community.
Re: Ormerod FreeCAD Rework & My Ormerod Itteration
November 30, 2018 01:44AM

The machine is alive and all heaters tuned. Delays from over extrusion on my work horse Ormerod and trying to get decent parts off a Mendel with a big heavy diamond 3-1 hot end on it.

Not much progress on my to-dos list but have sorted the z-lower mount and am currently printing first attempt of a radial fan mount (more fit check than expecting right first time) that has two long slots either side of the E3D V6 hot end.

I've Print Bite on order (they're experiencing delays too) and I'm using my V6 rather than second hand Lite as after stripping and unblocking the latter I found it had a knackered temp sensor.

This printer will Run PETG and once tuned will re-print the parts for my first Ormerod.

Fan mount is a chunky beast but I wanted it to deflect most of the hot air from the hot end fan up as well as hold the fan and direct the air down two long prongs. Do wonder if the radial on my current machine is drawing much air from the hot end fan. Will add pictures shortly.

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Re: Ormerod FreeCAD Rework & My Ormerod Itteration
November 30, 2018 01:54AM

Just noticed my new fans are 0.25A rather than 0.15. Should shit some more air! :-)


*smugmode* :-)

That whole assembly should fit on a standard Ormerod 2. Not bolted on the machine yet and thinking about some heat reflective tape close to the heater block.

Edit 2: You do loose some y axis travel.

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Re: Ormerod FreeCAD Rework & My Ormerod Itteration
November 30, 2018 03:32AM
Just noticed my new fans are 0.25A rather than 0.15. Should shit some more air! :-)

Your design looks very nice! - yes a centrifugal blower is the way to go, I nicked a 0.24A (Delta Electronics BUB0512Hb) from a Makita charger and that's plenty of air


Edit 2: You do loose some y axis travel.

How much did you offset the nozzle?
Re: Ormerod FreeCAD Rework & My Ormerod Itteration
November 30, 2018 04:06AM
Out of the house now but the nozzle centre line is about 23mm from the surface if bolts to on the x carriage. Not sure what the standard offset is.

Offset in the x axis direction relative to the probe is the same.

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Re: Ormerod FreeCAD Rework & My Ormerod Itteration
December 01, 2018 03:05AM
Standard nozzle position looks to be about 5mm from the x carriage, This would put the whole system about 18mm further from the x-arm than standard. With a bit of a re-think (after the system has proven itself!) I think I should be able to get that below 15mm. The whole working area could be recoverable if desperate by moving the IR sensor -y a little (and changing the trigger) and shifting the z axis extrusion +y a little. That, however would only be possible if you have moved the threaded rod.

This unit may interfere with the standard acrylic x-arm as there is a protrusion around one of the nuts for the z-axis guide that may get very close.

Another thing on my to-do list is to swap to a switch for the x-axis limit other than not having to tipex my trigger it would also allow getting the sensor a little closer to the nozzle.
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