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ormerod 1 tool select issue ?

Posted by ormerodnewb 
ormerod 1 tool select issue ?
October 29, 2019 07:52PM
Hello, I have just gotten my hands on an Ormerod 1 and moving the axis through Pronterface seems to work, but when I try to extrude or heat up the hot end it tells me that there is no tool selected. Why am I getting this error on heating the hot end, or on trying to extrude? This is the first RepRap printer that I have and I am a complete newb to this. Can anyone help me out? Or at least point me in the right direction to get my Ormerod printing?
I love how this machine looks, and I want to re-print everything in ASA with some mods included (I'm in the market for mod suggestions also). Cheers!
Re: ormerod 1 tool select issue ?
October 31, 2019 07:52AM
take a look at this tread:

Re: ormerod 1 tool select issue ?
October 31, 2019 05:16PM
Depending on how you have numbered the tools in your M563 command(s) min config.g you need to select the tool by sending either T0 or T1. Or just click on the tool in Duet Web Control to set its state to Active.

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