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Weird problem with Z driver - Ormerod 2

Posted by mrrgstuff 
Weird problem with Z driver - Ormerod 2
June 13, 2020 04:23PM

I've been away a long time - but my Ormerod 2 has been (mostly) kept in use - though I am by no means a heavy user of it

I just encountered a weird problem during a print. It was ok for the first 20 layers or so - but then the Z axis starting clicking and the not moving up anymore. I did fairly recently suffer from a broken bracket at the bottom (the big one which holds the end of the Z axis rod) - but it printed fine after that - at least a couple of small prints

Now I find that I cant properly home the machine. X and Y home fine (and the Z axis moves up and down as expected) however the motor always seems to get stuck when it is trying to move the sensor to the white patch (I use white tape on the bed).

I've completely removed the Z lead screw and the problem happens even when the motor is not actually driving anything. It also happen when I connect the extruder motor instead of the Z motor

Now I don't want to jump to any conclusions - but this sounds like a controller board issue (its a Duet 0.6 from a 1st revision Ormerod 2), However it seems odd that it is so repeatable

I have been running on 800ma for the Z driver but have boosted it to 1000ma as initially I thought it might be related to the Z lead screw

I've put a couple of very short videos showing the problem here:

Any ideas? Thanks :-)


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