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Proximity Sensor - Fix

Posted by kr15_uk 
Proximity Sensor - Fix
March 02, 2022 04:09PM
Ladies and gents,

Long story short I've managed to send 12v into the sensor and of course I was greeted with celebratory fireworks here.

Hence only one component seems to be blown this should be 2min fix, of course if only I would be able to tell what was the component.

Anyone could point me into the right direction?!

Much appreciated in advance.


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Re: Proximity Sensor - Fix
March 03, 2022 07:12AM
I have a 4-pin Ormerod proximity sensor and it includes a 10uF 10V tantalum capacitor. My best guess is that it is the same component that has failed in your 3-pin sensor. It's likely failed short circuit, which is why the PCB traces are burned. Are they still intact?

If you are in the UK as your username suggests, I could send you my 4-pin proximity sensor if you PM me your address

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