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Fired up my old Ornerod 1

Posted by Jonathan Steward 
Fired up my old Ornerod 1
December 01, 2023 12:21PM
What a great machine.
Still performing well since 2014.
Re: Fired up my old Ornerod 1
January 14, 2024 02:25PM
Thats nice to hear.
Ive got 2 of them, O1 and O2, somewhat modified but not much.
Still working nicely within my needs.
Re: Fired up my old Ornerod 1
January 20, 2024 05:57PM
I've kind of gone the opposite way. I got an Ormerod 1 back in March 2014, and used it quite a lot for a few years, constantly modifying / upgrading it, with new printed parts and bought bits. Still, it was always a rather temperamental machine and hard to get it to print well even after all those fixes and upgrades (especially regarding bed levelling and adhesion, largely due to the frame rarely being quite straight). So it's last big job was turned out to be to print all the parts for a Voron 1.5 I started building in 2018. I "borrowed" the Duet 0.6 board from the Ormerod, thinking I'd get a newer Duet board for it and keep the Ormerod around as a B-unit, but that for some reason never happened. I kept using the Duet 0.6 on the Voron, and the Ormerod was laying partially disassembled in a box.
Then I didn't use the Voron either for a couple years, one of the reasons being some issues with the old Duet board (no firmware new enough to support the BLTouch probe I wanted to install, after moving not having a good spot with wired ethernet to put the printer, and me not remembering quite how I had wired things for a second PWM fan driver).
A couple weeks ago, I did an overhaul on it, replacing some parts and tidying up all the wiring, and a new controller board (an SKR Pico + RPi4 with Klipper and Mainsail). During that process, I decided my dear old Ormerod would never run again, so I scavenged some more parts from it (stepper motor, part of the wiring harness and some of the mounting hardware). So while my Ormerod is now permanently dismantled, it's spirit lives on in the form of some parts in my Printer of Theseus, currently mostly in the shape of a Voron 1.55.

I do remember this community as being pretty awesome while using that printer though. So many fixes and upgrades to the somewhat flawed original Ormerod design, and the work of dc42 and chrishamm (and probably many others) on the reprapfirmware and duetwebcontrol which took it from barely useable to really good, especially compared to what else was available at the time. While 3d printing is a lot more accessible and reliable now, those days were definitely more adventurous and in some ways more fun.
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