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I have to admit defeat

Posted by mondo50m 
I have to admit defeat
September 06, 2014 06:34PM
I have been trying for several hours to get the servoless leveler to work on my new build. I know there was some place on this forum that told how to do this. Be damned if I can find it. The switch works fine, but when it start to print the right side is fine, but the left side (only 1.5" away from the right side) digs into the blue tape. I have tried for hours to get it adjusted, to no avail. Any suggestions would be appreciated or if anyone knows where the instructions I saw once (didn't I?) are, please give me a heads up.

Re: I have to admit defeat
September 06, 2014 08:26PM
Are you putting G29 into the slic3r code so that it becomes part of the build program?
Re: I have to admit defeat
September 07, 2014 12:21PM
Yes, I am inserting G29 into the GCODE. I believe it is the build plate is not as steady as it should be. I have downloaded the axis plates that have the embedded bearing holders. The build plate right now has a lot of play in it in all directions. Will see in a couple of days.

Re: I have to admit defeat
September 07, 2014 06:04PM
Ah, if you have play in all directions then i think you found the problem yourself.
I had play in the glass and I put some sticky back foam between the glass and the supports beneath the glass clamps (sorry i dont know the correct component names) that resolved the issue of the glass moving. You could also check that the bearings are tight in their holders and that the smooth rod you are using is the correct size. I bought 8mm rod from the local DIY shop and it was actually 7.7mm.
Keep us posted.
Re: I have to admit defeat
October 10, 2014 10:12AM
I had a similar problem with glass plate sliding around and the clamps not clamping well enough.

My solution was to use a longer bolt and tighten them with a nut, but even that was insufficient for one of the clamping sides.

In the end, I simply folded some paper under that clamp and tightened until there was sufficient pressure. The glass plate is now totally immobilised yawning smiley)
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