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Djinn5150's SmartRap Core Build

Posted by djinn5150 
Re: Djinn5150's SmartRap Core Build
May 02, 2015 02:35PM
Ah so your firmware for the z axis setting would be slightly different to what I end up with
Re: Djinn5150's SmartRap Core Build
May 02, 2015 02:41PM
If your running M8 threaded rod with standard steppers on 1/16th stepping it should be 2560 for your steps
Re: Djinn5150's SmartRap Core Build
May 05, 2015 08:16PM
I've just tried 2560 on my nascent build and it seems about right. Yet to calibrate though.
Re: Djinn5150's SmartRap Core Build
July 08, 2015 10:36AM
Any finishing updates? Printing videos?
Re: Djinn5150's SmartRap Core Build
September 18, 2015 03:41AM
UPDATE: Ok I have updated to the latest version of marlin, enabled firmware retract and am using volumetric extrusion now, next will be filament diameter sensors. I LOVE This version of marlin its much improved. FWRETRACT should be enabled by default IMO, the ablilty to adjust retract distance and speed on the fly as needed for differennt areas of a print is amazing.

What do we have to change in (pure, new) Marlin to get it to work on Smartcore (which was also using Marlin)? Is it just enable the corexy and autobed levelling? Any changes to smoothness/speed/noise?

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Re: Djinn5150's SmartRap Core Build
September 21, 2015 11:36AM
I've given up on Marlin at the moment. The newest Dev version that has way better autoleveling breaks the minute I configure the Z probe endstop with no endstop pullup. Yet another in a long line of Marlin bugs. I switched to Repetier which for the most part is significantly more stable but unfortunately it's autoleveling doesn't work on cartesians very well. I've basically given up on auto bed leveling and just manually level. On the cantilevered original Z axis I did that by using different thicknesses of rubber bumpers under my glass build plate. As in the cantilever the back of the glass is always higher than the front. It's not perfect but good enough to get my prints well adhered to blue tape on glass with minimal over squishing of the first layer. I got good results with 200-205C first layer and 215C layers after that. Specific to this Foxsmart filament I got on Amazon for 20$. Too high a first layer temp causes the filament on the first layer to curl right up off the tape.
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