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smartrap build input tinkercad parts

Posted by ejbantz 
smartrap build input tinkercad parts
March 27, 2015 11:59AM
I'm very new to smartrap. I've built a lot of mendel90ish machines and really like the smartrap because there are less printed parts and less screws and other hardware bringing the assemble time way down.

Here is my first attempt at a smartrap printer:

I used 5/16 aluminum tubes for the rods, which I'm find I can get away with for my own needs, but isn't going to be well accepting during a group build.

I'm looking to streamline the build a little bit more to make it easier for people to get the thing build in just a couple hours. Here are features I'm working on:

- zip ties to connect the GT2 belts.
- bowden tube fitting to allow for cheaper hot end.
- proximity sensor for bed leveling
- paper binders to hold bed plate
- printed linear bearings (bushings)
- platex with built in verticle bushings

I've started making the new parts in Tinkercad... thinking this would make it a bit easier for others to mod to suite their needs.

Do you know if others have already made these types of changes to the build already? I'd hate to be duplicating efforts.

If you have suggests please shout out.

Thanks all!

Re: smartrap build input tinkercad parts
March 27, 2015 07:43PM
I used 3/8" Aluminum tubes on my Funbot build with bronze bushings for the X and Y axis. They worked out pretty well.

Looks like you've done a good job with your Smartrap.
Re: smartrap build input tinkercad parts
March 27, 2015 08:59PM
What sort of wall thickness do your aluminum tubes have?

Here are some from the metal supplier I'm using (cost $12.29 per 36", 0.1332 lbs weight)

Here is 15/64" drill rod I'm thinking about switching to (cost $5.39 per 36", 0.4392 lbs weight):

So I wonder, if the drill rod is cheaper, is there an advantage to using aluminum tubes... maybe for less weight?

Do your tubes bend at all when the arm is fully extended?
Re: smartrap build input tinkercad parts
March 27, 2015 11:07PM
I bought my aluminum tubes, stainless rods, and bronze bushings from servocity.com. Pretty good pricing. You could also get K&S tubes and rods from a local Hobby Store usually.
I've had a request to build another Funbot, and I will probably use drill rod purchased locally for about ~$7 from Fastenal. They also have the bronze bushings pretty cheap.

I haven't noticed any bending with the aluminum tubes. They are not as smooth as the stainless rods, and took a bit of bushing break-in. Would probably be fine with PLA bearings.

Video Link to My Funbot Printing

Video Link

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Re: smartrap build input tinkercad parts
March 27, 2015 11:24PM
Very nice!!!
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