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Autolevel issue

Posted by Zlob 
Autolevel issue
October 29, 2015 07:36AM
HI all.
A friend of mine built a smartcore exactly like mine.
The only difference is the sensor: mine is a 4mm sensor his is a 8mm sensor.
I'm using the firmware from smartfriendz github repo, latest version for mk8.
I've try to do the same step i do to setup the autolevel:
- g28 to zero axis
- some G0 Z-0.1 -> -1.2 to put the noozle at a paper sheet distance
- put the value (-1.2) to marlin soft
- compile & flash
- try print.
This time the nozzle stay really high from glass: look like the "# define Z_PROBE_OFFSET_FROM_EXTRUDER -1.2" dosn't work at all.
Any suggestion to make it working like mine ? I'm missing something ?

Re: Autolevel issue
October 29, 2015 10:32AM
One thing to check is whether or not the EEPROM is enabled in configuratin.h


if the EEPROM is enabled (by uncommenting the EEPROM_SETTINGS line) then the value stored there will be used and the setting in configuration.h totally ignored. I had this same issue. I kept tweaking the configuration.h file but it never changed the offset. Turned out I had a vallue in the EEPROM. If this is the issue there are a number of different work-arounds:

1. disable the eeprom by commenting it out again and re-flash
2. run the sample sketch "eeprom clear" before flashing the firmware (this will clear the eeprom before uploading the firmware)
3. after flashing the firmware do M502 (this will re-set the values in the non-eeprom to the values in the fimware) followed by M500 which will save those values to the EEPROM

Another related problem I had was that I used Smartfriendz' configuration file for Repetier/Slic3r and it had gcode in the start-up that set the offset to something like 13mm! Took me a while to figure that one out.
Re: Autolevel issue
October 31, 2015 09:38AM
Thanks a lot. Worked perfectly.
I am asking myself if there is a page where find all the info needed to setup autolevel bed or we must look around like this time.
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