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Clicking Extruder on Lower Temps

Posted by Afrei 
Clicking Extruder on Lower Temps
January 24, 2016 12:51AM
Hi Everyone, recently i've just finished my Smartrap Build, but when i tested it the other day, it seems that the extruder is making clicking noise several times at some point, and the extruder cannot push the filament through,and then when i change the hotend temperature to 230 deg, the clicking noise is gone and the filament is pushed through smoothly, but when i print something, the result is somewhat not very good, and has blob in it, anyone has idea of what might be causing this clicking noise, and how do i improve my printing quality? i've tried to turn down the temps to about 210 deg, and lower the feedrate in the repetier settings, the extruder still make clicking sound several times, BTW I'm Using PLA, Thankssmiling smiley

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Re: Clicking Extruder on Lower Temps
January 27, 2016 02:18PM
Make sure you have your Vref adjusted properly (via the potentiometers on your board). It sounds like your extruder motor isnt getting enough current.

You should probably also tune your PID settings and cross check the temp readings from your hotend thermistor with an IR temperature reader.


Re: Clicking Extruder on Lower Temps
January 29, 2016 05:09AM
Upgrade to the geared extruder on thingiverse.com makes a world of difference.
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