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Posted by DjDemonD 
February 14, 2016 03:43AM
Does anyone have the STL for the current hot end fan shroud on the smartrapcore alu? The one on thingiverse/github is not the same part that they are shipping with current machines. I want to remix this part.
Re: STL's
February 14, 2016 10:19AM
OnShape has the entire machine waiting for you to modify...


Not sure what CAD app you're most familiar with but I've been doing more and more with OnShape lately -I have an educator license of Inventor that I typically use... and I've dabbled with OpenScad as well, enough to know how to hack anyway.

The file mgmt. in Onshape is a bit wonky at the moment, I think you want to open the above link, and then "clone" the project to your folder(give it a custom name like DjDemonD - xxxx etc... and they you have a custom version to hack at there is also a way to copy/paste out individual parts. I know I was able to do this once -I started working on a custom mount for the E3D hotend + partfan.
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