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My smartrapcore alu mods so far

Posted by DjDemonD 
My smartrapcore alu mods so far
February 21, 2016 07:59PM
Find them here.

I've made so far:
-a hot end fan with a switchable cooling duct (can be turned on and off for abs/pla).
-modified x and y motor brackets to keep the motors off the frame to reduce resonance and noise
-a strengthened hot end mount
Re: My smartrapcore alu mods so far
February 26, 2016 03:37AM
Ive added one part to [www.thingiverse.com]
its a small lug which slots into the frame rail to support the right y smooth rod, without this lug the motor tilts under the belt tension. Oddly smartfriendz have placed a lug on the left side, but there was none on the right.
Re: My smartrapcore alu mods so far
April 17, 2016 03:52PM
Some new parts - the x and y bearing/pulley holders (which are also the rear y smooth rod holders).



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