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Upgrade smartrapcore alu to 30 x 20cm bed?

Posted by DjDemonD 
Upgrade smartrapcore alu to 30 x 20cm bed?
March 01, 2016 11:06AM
Okay so I'm looking at the upcoming 300xl and wondering whether I should have bought one instead of the core alu but going up to a 300mm x 200mm bed (I can't personally see a need for 300x300) which would match the e3d bigbox for printing volume might be quite simple. The maximum travel of the core alu (at least mine) in x dimension is 240mm, in y its 300mm. The being said I'd like a little headroom in the y especially as the nozzle is offset towards the front by 15mm or so.

So what's to stop me increasing the "y" 2020 extrusions by 100mm with an increase in y-smooth rod length to match. It would need longer belts. but I cannot see anything else that would need to be changed (I am planning a more stable double z axis).

A beam deflection calculator suggests the deflection going from 30cm to 40cm would go from 0.15mm to 0.3mm presuming a 250g print head. I think I can live with this (as my print head is probably lighter than 250g). Especially if the talked about auto-mesh bed levelling if enabled in Marlin which would compensate for this deflection. Moving up a size on the rods wouldn't necessitate a big change and would in fact reduce deflection by an order of magnitude.

Anyone see any major problems with this?

This would be easier to do that buy a 300xl and I am not sure I like the look of the z axis on it anyway.

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Re: Upgrade smartrapcore alu to 30 x 20cm bed?
March 02, 2016 12:16PM
Seems this discussion has been picked up here instead... [forums.reprap.org]
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