SmartRapCore print quality/speed?
March 04, 2016 04:16PM
I'm considering sourcing and building a bare-bones SmartRapCore, and I wanted to know what quality and speed people are actually getting?

My current printer is a kossel with cheap components but well-tuned. I have read great things about CoreXY, and about SmartRapCore as an inexpensive CoreXY implementation, but not a lot in terms of actual quality of prints. Is there a clear quality difference with a low cost CoreXY like this compared to a delta implementation with similar components?
Re: SmartRapCore print quality/speed?
March 06, 2016 01:42PM
Well I've a Kossel Mini which is turning out super sharp prints and about 3 weeks ago got a smartrapcore alu. It hasn't matched the kossel yet but then I'm getting rid of the bowden extruder and a bunch of other stuff, theres a big long thread of progress so far on here.

So far I don't think it's going to beat a delta with flying extruder. But then I want one print giving me super high quality and one setup for larger faster printing.
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