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Begginer question! Bed tilt problems!

Posted by Rush 
Begginer question! Bed tilt problems!
April 06, 2016 08:53PM
Hello guys,

I've got a new Smartrap printer and I’m having issues trying to level the bed.
I'm using Repetier Host.
I’ve checked some YouTube vids but all of them are for different designs, levelling the bed using screws, but my bed doesn’t have screws!

When I’m printing at Y in low value (ex: x=100 and Y=30), the extruder "hit" the bed. When Y is at high value, the filament doesn't even stick....

So I tried to correct this using "Z probe bending correction", guessed some values but got no luck.
Just to double check: A and B are the "front" of the build plate and "C" is in the middle of X axis and near the metallic vertical bars of the Z axis?
Bigger values "close" the probe to the bed and negative values increase the gap?

I don´t have experience in what is a good melted filament shape... Is there any way to level the bed using a feller gauge?
How to G-Code the printer to put the extruder in “printing” position? I’m unexperienced, what I do for that is tell to print then hit emergency stop, but I think it’s the dumbest way to do it!
Re: Begginer question! Bed tilt problems!
April 07, 2016 11:47AM
A couple of questions:

- Are you using 3 point leveling?
- Would you be able to upload a picture of your rig? There are lots of variables that could make bed leveling difficult.
- I would suggest turning off or skipping the "auto-bed leveling" in my experience with my new Smartrapcore alu it hasn't helped much and this ensures you focus on fixing the real problem.
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