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Made a new X carriage for wades extruder

Posted by GITRDUN 
Made a new X carriage for wades extruder
May 18, 2016 07:51AM
I made an X carriage for 8mm rods that will accept a Wades extruder. Have not printed it and assembled it yet, my machine is having fits at the moment. If anyone tries it before i do let me know if it needs any changes.
open | download - XC-2.stl (326.1 KB)
Re: Made a new X carriage for wades extruder
May 25, 2016 06:07PM
Looks cool. One thing Realthor and myself have been grappling with making x carriages for the smartrapcore printer (and other corexy's) is that having one bearing less constrained (so open on top for example) makes for a smoother running carriage. But assuming your x rods are very precisely mounted and totally parallel then it doesn't matter.


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