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Smartrap Mini to Smartrap ALU clone for cheap!

Posted by PDBeal 
Smartrap Mini to Smartrap ALU clone for cheap!
July 07, 2016 09:54AM
So I disassembled my Smartrap Mini the other day and noticed the rod sizes are very close to the sizes needed on the Smartrapcore ALU. This got me thinking, so I've adapted the design of the Smartrapcore ALU to use the rods and bearings from the Smartrap Mini that I have. It was using (4) 6mm rods and (2) 8mm rods, and looking at the design I've used the existing 8mm rods as the Y-axis. This gives me what I felt was the best support without a lot of sag and minimized how many parts I had to adjust.

I've done the rework in Onshape.

For this upgrade, it basically cost me $25 worth of aluminum from Mitsumi, (1) GT2 20T pulley for the Z axis, and a piece of wood for the Z axis along with printing all the plastic parts. Of course, it's probably not as good as the 8mm rod version, but it beats just throwing away what I had in my Smartrap Mini.
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