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print bed moves 13CM away from nozzle before print

Posted by dmac257 
print bed moves 13CM away from nozzle before print
February 04, 2018 04:53PM
home build smart rap corexy almost done .. was going to print a test cube but didn't work at all so need to iron out some issues.
Marlin on ramps1.4 board
repetier host

I tried to calibrate the extruder stepper motor but the extruder motor is making a lot of noise.. it looks like it is trying to feed WAY faster than the nozzle can handle the plastic. It feeds and reaches a point that it is beginning to get back tension on the filament and the stepper motor jumps back to relieve the tension. So I am thinking the feed rate and/or steps per unit are wrong for the extruder. I left them at the default setting but I think it should have been lower because I am using 3mm filament. I don't see anything in documentation online about setting the feed rates according to the diameter of the filament.

As for the subject line issue ... I must be missing something .. G28 homes X and sets X=0 .. homes Y and sets Y=0 .. moves to x235 y232 .. homes Z and sets Z=0 .. last moves to z2
repeatable .. every time same sequence ends in same place.

when I load the STL for the cube .. slice it and look at it in print preview it looks fine.
I can step through the layers etc and it all seems fine

when I click print .. it does the G28 code ... It doesn't auto level (don't know why that isn't happening) and then does something weird. It moves z to 15cm above the bed. heats the hot end and starts bleeding plastic from that height while it moves back and forth.

Any ideas for me to try?

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