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SmaryRap Mini 2

Posted by orbitalair 
SmaryRap Mini 2
February 14, 2018 09:56PM
Hi all,

I have revised the SmartRap Mini for more modern (and even cheaper) components, E3Dv6 hotend, 34mm steppers, endstops with leds.

Most importantly I have a clear set of plastic parts, all but a few redrawn in real CAD (not simply mashed and remashed STLs).
And a clear set of hardware.

My website: more info, part lists, etc.


I will have plastic parts kits for sale soon.
Any and all feedback is appreciated.

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Re: SmaryRap Mini 2
February 15, 2018 09:49AM
The mini Smartrap was the printer that started it all for me. I had an Ordbot Hadron kit, but it was a bit overwhelming for me at the time. I then found the Smartrap, and ordered the plastic and parts off of ebay. It wasn't hard to get it assembled and printing, but took constant tuning everytime I moved it. I quickly moved from fishing line to belts, autobed level, and other upgrades. It printed good when configured and left alone. I eventually tore it down, and used the parts to build the Funbot M8, which is still my favorite printer. I still have the old Smartrap Plastic still in a bag, can't seem to toss it... lol...

My Smartrap

Re: SmaryRap Mini 2
February 15, 2018 11:24AM
Nice! Thanks for sharing.

I got spectra line to work, and it works fine, but it frays. I need a line that does not fray.

But I have updated the parts to be able to print a GT2 kit as an addon.

When running at perfection this printer makes better parts than my Anet A2 does.

But yes, it does take a lot of attention, its not a setup and forget system.
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