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MK4duo 4.3.2 menu in SD card

Posted by micheleamerica 
MK4duo 4.3.2 menu in SD card
July 30, 2017 04:46AM
Ciao a tutti

I'm running MK4duo 4.3.2 with my homemade Kossel XL Delta printer and everything is working perfectly except for one thing.

I copied the Menu folder structure and all files within onto the SD card but I see no new menus on the LCD.

Is there some special configuration (during compilation) required for this to work? Does the SD card require any particular format?


Re: MK4duo 4.3.2 menu in SD card
July 30, 2017 10:24AM
Ciao Michele

That menu folder structure is just a set of folders, nothing more than that. In case you have enabled SDSUPPORT you can access those folders with their relative commands inside by accessing the sdcard folder structure with the lcd, just like with any other gcode file.

Actually that it's only a "fake" menu, exploiting how the sdcard folder structure is displayed by the LCDs, which is very similar to how the commands menu appears to the user...

So you just have to open the sdcard folder with your LCD and you will find those folders containing some useful gcode files which correspond to some useful commands.

If you want you can also add some folders with some gcode files with custom commands, have fun!

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Re: MK4duo 4.3.2 menu in SD card
July 31, 2017 06:20AM

Grazie. I thought the Menu folder structure was read during SD card insert and that a new dynamic menu structure would appear on the LCD screen.


[CLOSED] - MK4duo 4.3.2 menu in SD card
July 31, 2017 06:21AM
Closing this thread.
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