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cat5 cables

Posted by sarf2k4 
cat5 cables
April 23, 2017 06:48AM
Hi, i am wondering about cat5 cables to be used with 3d printer, I kind of wanting to do better wire management with the rj45 and cat5 cable. based on tom here [www.youtube.com] he used a multi flex core cat5 cable (ir i remember correctly) and it is possible but not using the rj45 plugs. I intend to use it on hotend parts because a lot of wires there to manage
Re: cat5 cables
April 23, 2017 04:54PM
Current (amps) capability

The cable is rated to 60 volts peak at a maximum of 360 mA per wire
and a total of 72 watts input.
There will be a slight voltage decrease at that distance though it will be small.
The resistance of 24 AWG copper wire is around 2.5Ω per 100 feet so the voltage drop is 2-5Ω * 0.02mA * 2, or 0.1V.Oct 20, 2010

It is generally a signal carrying wire
High current of extruder heater could be a problem

RJ-45 connectors may have less current capability.

Would you wire up your toaster with Cat5?

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