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TCO mounted on bed plate

TCO mounted on bed plate
July 23, 2017 11:50AM
My printer has a 750 W line powered heater on the 300 mm square bed. I mounted a 10A TCO (digikey part number 317-1138-ND) on the plate to protect against thermal runaway if the SSR fails or the controller goes insane. I may be trying to print with materials that require bed temperatures up to 160C, so I chose a TCO that will cut power to the bed at 184C.

The TCO has a "hot" body so I wrapped it with kapton tape before clamping it to the bed plate. The leads are covered with teflon tubing and the soldered wire connections covered with shrink tubing to prevent anything bad from happening.

Of course, this won't do any good if the bed isn't capable of getting to 184C... maybe it's time to run a test...

Next area of inquiry- what happens if the adhesive holding the heater to the plate lets go?

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